Supervisor, Safety Officer or SHE Rep

What Does Our App Do For You

Our App adds value at various levels within organizations that either work in the Health and Safety Industry, or are affected by its regulations and implementations.

If you are a supervisor, safety officer or SHE rep, this page will explain advantages of our App that will directly impact your success.

The Construction Safety App you’ve been waiting for to ensure compliance to required Legislation and reporting on the projects safety to Manage.

The App is user-friendly, includes information regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations and related documentation and easy accessible details to the different Departments of Labour across the Country.

You can conduct paperless inspections on different topics for the specific activities performed. The completed inspections can be forwarded to Management via the multi-share options i.e. whatsapp, mail, google+, messaging etc.

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Director or Senior Manager

All Directors should understand their legal responsibilities when it comes to health and safety…
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Project or Safety Manager

The Construction Safety App you’ve been waiting for to regulate the safety on your projects…
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Regulatory Body

The benefits of this application are numerous but for you as the Regulatory Body…
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How Does The App Work

See how our app works and the multifunctionality it provides encompassing

  • The Operational Health & Safety Act
  • Performing an inspection and distributing the findings
  • Inspection history
  • Department of Labour branches

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