HK36 Super Dimona

Attractive. Affordable. Classic.

The start of something great: the HK36 touring motor glider laid the foundation of Diamond Aircraft’s aviation changing history. Beloved and flown around the world - the HK36 Super Dimona, also known as Katana X-treme in the USA and Canada, is the ultimate two-seated motor glider made of fiber-reinforced high-tech composite. Equipped with Rotax engines with either 100 hp or 115 hp (in the turbo-charged variant), the Super Dimona is perfect for glider pilot training and towing or just fun to fly. In the 1990s the aircraft quickly became a top seller in Europe with over 900 sold aircraft.

HK36 Super Dimona Highlights

For some people it’s a high-performance 2-seater, others regard it as the ultimate motor glider. Just flip a switch and glide effortlessly and silently through the skies with an exceptional glide ratio of 1:27 or enjoy the easy handling, power and performance of a modern airplane. Its high capacity, climb performance and rapid descents also make the HK36 Super Dimona the perfect tow plane for other gliders.

As an optional enhancement, the Aspen EFD 1000 Pilot PFD with its ultra-bright LED display, intuitive menus and flexible hot keys offers you all the key functions of PFD in a compact and easy-to use package.
Besides the attractive design, discerning pilots love the Super Dimona’s versatility, safety and environmental Friendliness. The affordable, yet well-equipped basic version leaves plenty of room for expressing your individuality – inside and outside- offering a wide choice of configurations, options and engine types.
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