DA40 Tundra Star

New Engine. New Landing Gear. New Adventure.

Made out of proven light-weight and solid composite material and powered with a 168 hp state-of-the-art AE300 jet fuel engine from Austro Engine, the DA40 Tundra Star is equipped with all the advantages you love in its sister aircraft DA40 NG. But equipped with a special rough terrain landing gear you can explore all the uneven strips and terrains you ever wanted to. Bigger wheels on the main and nose landing gears, an improved wheel base, new rims, as well as special reinforcements and tougher structures give you the safety to land almost anywhere.

DA40 Tundra Star Highlights

You want to explore the great outdoors or are a flight school surrounded by rough terrain and don’t want to miss all the benefits of a modern aircraft with an impressive performance and range? Then the DA40 Tundra Star is your choice.
The aircraft is equipped with a beefed-up landing gear and oversized tires. The all-new tricycle landing gear is able to withstand high stress of landings, enduring holes, ruts, and other irregularities. This makes the airplane very easy to handle on the ground. Furthermore, the AE300 jet fuel engine can use a range of different fuels, from Jet A-1, Jet A, and TC-1 to PT, giving you greater deployment flexibility.
The DA40 Tundra Star is your first choice when you are operating in Russia and Ukraine. Here are the reasons why:

  • AvGas in these regions is hardly available but with the Tundra Star powered by multi-fuel AE300 engines you don’t face this problem anymore. It can be fueled with Jet A-1, Jet, TC-1 and PT fuel.

  • It is certified by the Russian and Ukrainian aviation authorities.

DA40 Tundra Star pilots operate in rough conditions. That’s why Diamond Aircraft decided to feature the aircraft with balloon tires and a rough brake system from the manufacturer Beringer, reducing weight and enhancing performance, control and safety, as a standard
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