The TechnoLife Wise Foundation, a non-profit organisation, aims to raise awareness about the challenges around technology addiction. At the same time, we empower people, by applying a neuro synergetic framework, with knowledge and skills to become TechnoLife SMART™. We teach them how to make Technolife Wise choices daily.

To help us create Techno-life Smart communities, we humbly ask for your assistance in one of the following ways:

  • Sponsor two educational children’s books at R149.
  • Buy a DVD that gives a neuroscientific overview of the holistic impact of the overuse of technology and social media on humans at R159.
  • Enrol in a life-transforming and holistic TechnoLife SMART™ programme and learn more about technology and its impact on our mind, body, and spirit and how to become techno savvy and flourish in today’s digital world.
  • Contribute R2 250 to fund one individual (for example, employees, parents, educators, care- givers, young adults, and teenagers) to become a TechnoLife SMART™ Ambassador by attending our TechnoLife SMART™ programme.
  • Sponsor a talk, seminar or TechnoLife SMART™ programme at your school, work or organisation.

Please be assured that each donation will make a difference in an individual’s life now and in the future!

Please pledge your support

Please pledge your support now by scanning the QR Code on this page and become part of our Technolife Wise Community and Partners. You can also contact us to send you our banking details or alternatively use PayFast as payment option.

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